MSC Aircraft

Schleicher ASK-21

The K21 is a German two seat training glider of moderate performance (34/1). It is the longest continuous production fiberglass trainer in the world. It is well known for it’s very lovely flight characteristics and climbing abilities in weak lift. As a result, the K21 consistently is the first choice among flight schools and clubs everywhere.

MSC liked it so much we recently refurbished our 1982 model – and  will also be flying a new ASK-21B in spring 2023.

PZL Bielsko SZD-51

The “Junior” is a single seat fiberglass sailplane designed for club and recreational use.  It is an excellent sailplane for the new solo pilot and for developing cross country experience.  The controls are light and well coordinated and it can climb with the best of ships.  This is a wonderful ship for honing ones soaring skills.

For Sale: Piper PA-18

The Super Cub is a workhorse tow plane that is found on many glider fields around the world.  We have enjoyed it’s use for many years, but have replaced it with an even more capable towplane, a PA-25 Pawnee. Details are below – for more information, please Contact the MSC board

N83579       $135,000 / negotiable

SN: 18-7709081
TT 7089
Annual: April 2021
All flight control cables replaced April 2021. Oversized +tires: 8.5 6ply
L&R brakes overhauled.


Lycoming Model 0320 160 HP.
TT 3246, 1001 SMOH. Times will change since plane is flying. R&L Mags & spark plugs replaced on June 5 2021. Compressions: #1 78/80 #2 74/80 #3 70/80 #4 72/80

Schweizer tow hook & an electric winch for retracting tow rope Useful load 602 pounds ( with winch)


Appareo ADS-B Out
Garmin VHF Comm radio and intercom

Aerospace logic CHT monitor
LED landing lights

Member Owned AIrcraft

At this writing, club members own alone or in partnerships these sailplanes. In no particular order:

Glasflügel H-201b Libelle


Schleicher K6, KA-7, ASW-20, ASW-22, ASW-27 (2), ASW-28, ASG-32Mi

Schemmp-Hirth Ventus-b, Discus (2)

Rolladen-Schneider LS-4, LS-6

DG Flugzeugbau 303 (2) , 800m, 1000

Blanik LET L-33

Schweizer 1-35

PZL-Swidnik PW-5

Berkshire Concept-70