General Information

MSC uses two external sites, both of which require signup with an email address and password. These are both for MSC members only, and are not public.

1. Club email, file & photo sharing

2. Scheduling

New in 2021, MSC will be using one web site for Student, FOO, Instructor and Tow Pilot daily signups.

Signing up for a day’s operation as a glider pilot is also advised so we know how busy the day will be. This does not replace the daily on-site “Sign up Sheet” for flight priority maintained by the FOO. To use, first register with your email address here:

MSC Roster 7/4/2022 — Password protected for privacy

2023 MSC Brochure — Club structure & fees

2020 Phil Schacht Youth Scholarship Application

2019 MSC handbook — Club Bylaws & Flight Operations Handbook

MSC History presentation

Glider_Purchase_Presentation_v3  — potential for adding to the MSC fleet